Welcome to Max Films, Ireland’s leading long-form and commercial production services company.

With more than 20 years’ experience in providing high-quality production solutions, Max Films has become the go-to contact in Ireland for many of the world’s most successful, international production companies and entertainment-media clients.


There has never been a better time to shoot in Ireland. From superb locations options, to highly skilled, experienced and English-speaking crews, Max Films can provide you with everything you could possibly desire.

But there’s more. Max Films also offers specialised expertise and valuable experience in Section 481, a unique tax incentive scheme offered by the Irish government. With Section 481 rebates, our clients enjoy significant savings, often as high as 32%, on their entire production spend.


The secret to maximising Section 481 is entering into a co-production agreement with a qualifying Irish production company. While Max Films is not the only qualifying company, what makes us different is that we do not expect to share creative control.

Our involvement is strictly, and passionately, as a service company and facilitator of the Section 481 rebates. All creative control remains entirely with you, the primary production company. Our dual purpose is to help you realise your vision, while maximising your budget’s potential.